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Do NDIS Participants Need a Service Agreement?

A written service agreement is required for Specialist Disability Accommodation. Although not a requirement for other services, NDIA does recommend it. The benefit of having a written service agreement is that it provides a clear understanding of what the participant and service provider have agreed on. The service agreement needs to be fair to both the participant and the service provider. The service agreement includes things like:

  • The service/support being provided, where it takes place, for how long, and how often it occurs.

  • The cost of the service/support and how the provider gets paid.

  • How to cancel or change appointments and is there a cost involved to change or cancel?

  • The date the service starts, when it finishes, and how to stop the service if no longer required, or can no longer be provided.

  • What to do if the participant is unhappy with the service/support or if something goes wrong?

I recommend service agreements for all participants because it helps both the participant and provider manage the participant's goals, and it helps the participant budget their NDIS funding. Not all providers have the same business or pricing model - some charge for cancellation and travel time, meaning that the funding can run out quicker than expected.

More detailed information about service agreements can be found on the NDIS website.


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